Monday, 14 April 2014

Man dumps wife after she celebrated the death of his mother


 A woman was very happy when her mother-in-law died.

The woman showed no respect or sympathy to her husband over the loss of his mother.

Instead, she began dancing around while singing "ding dong the witch is dead," referring to her mother-in-law.

Andrew Salmon, 42, of England, was very disturbed by his wife Beverley's actions, so he packed her belongings, put it out of the house and refused to let her back inside.

When she tried to enter through the back door, he pushed her into their shed and locked her inside. The man later told a court that he locked her inside to "piss her off."

The mother of two, Beverley Salmon, 42, managed to escape through a window and let herself into their home in Truro, Cornwall.

A Truro judge heard how she ran upstairs and started throwing her husband's clothes out the window.

Salmon later told police he was depressed and unhappy with the way his wife of 19 years, treated his mother's death.

He was arrested for locking his wife into the shed. However, he was not jailed. The judge ordered him to perform community service for 24 months.

He was also ordered to take part in a building better relationships program.

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