Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Cheating isn't when you sleep with another woman who is not your wife - IK Ogbonna

Actor IK Ogbonna, has com e under the wrath of many following his views in infidelity.

In a new interview the actor said cheating on one's wife has nothing to do with sleeping with someone else.

Read what he said and tell us what you think:

“Cheating is not even having sex with a woman that is not your wife, that is one mistake most people make, Cheating is when you start developing feelings for the person, now let me explain myself if a man has sex with a woman for 30mins and he is done and dusted and moves on with his life that ceases to exists the moment it is finished, this means only broke your marital vows, Thats not cheating, Now Cheating is when you start sharing the 100percent of you with someone else, Now am not just talking about sex, am talking about giving that person Chatting time, I miss you baby, I miss you honey, when can we see again, Planning trips etc”

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