Monday, 16 October 2017

Customer stabs barber to death because his friends mocked his new haircut

A popular barber was stabbed to death with a meat skewer over a 'bad haircut' by an angry customer whose friends had mocked his new look.

Accoeding to Mailonlinwv whe shocking video shows customer Pavel Luzyanin chasing hairdresser Dany-Dastan Adkhamov, 24, into the street and stabbing him three times in the chest in revenge for his £2.60 trim.

The horrific footage was caught on CCTV in the town of Troitsk, 23 miles south of Moscow.

After the attack Luzyanin then walked away as Mr Adkhamov staggered to his feet before being helped by a passing cyclist.

The attacker then turned around, and seeing his victim was still alive, calmly walked back and coldly killed him by stabbing him in the neck with the barbecue skewer.

He did so in front of bystanders who did nothing to deter him, according to police

Mr Adkhamov died before an ambulance arrived.

The victim, known to his friends as Danya, was an illegal immigrant from Uzbekistan who had set up a thriving business with many regular customers offering cut price haircuts.

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