Monday, 30 October 2017

My Father was So Powerful That He Would Transform Into Lion, Elephant - Oba Aladejare Reveals

While speaking in an exclusive interview with Nigerian Tribune, Oba Emmanuel Adesanya Aladejare, Agunsoye II Obalufon Alayemore, who is the Alaaye of Efon Kingdom in Ekiti state, revealed that his late father was so powerful while he was alive and had so much spiritual powers that he could transform into a lion, elephant and many other animals.
When asked of the the influence of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) fame who did a lot for Efon, the monarch who however said his father later dropped all the magic, got baptised and was renamed Solomon, said;

"That’s why I said the development in Efon is because of a combination of spirituality and industry. When we talk about Baba Apostle Babalola, he came to Efon when Agunsoye I, my grandfather was the Alaaye. When they started a crusade at Ilesa, a message got to Agunsoye 1 that this preacher was saying “Olorun Alaaye” (the living God).

"He became interested and said “this man calling a name that is close to mine should be invited.” Apostle Babalola came to Efon and he was housed in the first storey-building in this town, built by my father. That’s where they prayed and held vigils and so on.
"My father, who had so much spiritual powers, such that he was said to be capable of transforming into a lion or elephant and so on, decided to be baptised. He dropped all the magical powers he had, he was baptised and was given the name: Solomon.
"He encouraged other members of the community who had such powers to surrender them and all these were burnt. Baba Babalola prayed for this town. It is through the grace of God, his prayers and the industry of our people that we are able to reach the level of development we have now.

"I say this because when you look at the topography of Efon, being on a hill, and the location of the town in a corner compared to other towns in Ekiti State, you’ll see that we are really not in a position to compete with others for particular amenities.
"For example, when we were fighting for the creation of Ekiti State, it would be mere illusion for me to say ‘give us the state capital.’ When the thing was to scatter the entire project, I was the one that saved the day when I said we have to look at centrality. Why everybody wants the capital was because of what benefits they would derive.
"I told them that we have already developed a blueprint for the development of the state when created and as far as this is concerned, we must use what we call “even spread” in terms of the development of the state. That was the argument I advanced on that day to really save the day, and that’s why we have Ekiti State today. I didn’t ask for the state capital on that day because I knew what’s right and what’s wrong and there was no point fighting for what you couldn’t attain." 

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