Monday, 25 December 2017

Nigerian Rockstar, Dabyna Assaulted at Alba Lounge

Rave Nigerian rock star, Dabyna, Son of Rock, was allegedly assaulted and battered by the manager of the newly rebranded Alba Lounge, located at 1, Anifowose Street, off KofoAbayomi, Victoria Island, Lagos. The lounge which was recently rebranded and changed from Shades Lounge to Alba Lounge had just opened its new brand on the 1st of December when the incident occurred on the 6th of December 2017. Dabyna who has become a regular performer in the club for his featured event, Dabyna Café has received huge followership for his live performances and engagements at the lounge before the lounge was rebranded and renamed.

Dabyna, Son of Rock, noted that he was verbally assaulted and eventually battered by the manager for engineering positive changes to the lounge contributing to the change of name and for being overpaid by the owners. Angered by the level of appreciation of his music lovers to him, Dabyna claimed that Wilson stated that he  noticed that the tips that were the unspoken custom of the lounge had reduced considerably because of Dabyna’s performances. He allegedly accused Dabyna of contributing to the low tips received by him.  Eye witnesses also said that Dabyna was rushed to the hospital in order to cushion his bleeding injuries mete on him by the manager of Alba Lounge.

At the instance of a mild recovery, Dabyna reported that he has since sought the intervention of the Nigerian Police into the matter. He noticed the reluctance of Mr Wilson and the owners of the club to explain their own side of the incidence. The music artiste immediately sought legal action against the club.

‘It has been hard to turn my neck, my jaw bones ache at the joints. It took me a long time to write my legal statement and I could not complete it because I kept collapsing. The police would have compromised their role in all of this becausei went to the policemen stationed at the club, they witnessed it and did nothing to rescue me and my band members but I believe that justice is not lost in Nigeria. It will be served accordingly as the criminal case has been charged to court based on police investigations. I just came back from the hospital yesterday and was told I need unhindered rest. I was called up for a show by a major brand owner but I am not physically stable,in fact I can’t sing for now. I am going through physical and
psychological trauma’ Dabyna said.

The manager of Alba Lounge, Wilson Emmanuel spoke to the press about the incident. He said that Dabyna did not adhere to the rules of engagement of the club. Wilson said he told him to move out his equipment from the stage for the DJ to perform but Dabyna and his band members refused. He said he never had a scuffle with Dabyna. Wilson Emmanuel said ‘ I did not touch him, we only had a verbal argument and when he went out he went to call the police and began to accuse me of assaulting him’.

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