Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe reveals her worst experience in her mums house after she lost her virginity

Every parent especially the mothers are always cautious with the movement and activities of their girls mostly in the stage of adolescence and it is then that they set more strict rules on them than before.
Well in case you go against such grounding rules then there is an atmosphere of guilt in you as you fear that the parent might just notice what you might have done in secret just by a look in the eye.

Well endowed socialite Huddah Monroe is a victim of such a circumstance and decided to reveal to the world her hard time after she had her cherry chopped.
According to the petite socialite she was not in a position to face her mother in the eye and for that she even started dining in her bedroom in fear that her mother would find out what she did behind closed doors.
Through a social media post Huddah revealed her tough experience but did not disclose at what age she got shagged.
“You know I always wonder , do parents know when their kids have lost their virginity ? Coz the day mine happened , I felt so guilty and shivers down my spine since my MOM was VERY strict . I never looked at her in the eyes again Coz i thought she knew , I thought she could see right through me , even ate my food in the bedroom . I feel like she knew but she just kept quiet which killed me even more. Never even shared a table with her again until like 2 years ago … Do parents usually know ? Did she know I was no longer her little girl , it still kills me.”

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