Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Legal prostitutes reveal real reasons for working in the sex industry

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Many people are curious about the lives of sex workers and the reasons behind their unusual career choice.
While little is known about the mysterious industry one study, published in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, delved into the lives of 193 female sex workers in Switzerland – where prostitution is legal.

The majority of the ladies surveyed worked for a studio, brothel or escort service but a quarter of them solicited clients on the street.
Researchers found a range of motivations that led the women to sell their bodies, but interestingly the top reason was because they genuinely liked the job.
Around 37% of the Swiss ladies admitted they enjoyed trading sexual favours for cash.
However the second most popular reason was because they couldn’t find another job, with 28% of the women confessing that’s what drove them to sex work.
Financial struggles were also a main factor as ladies listed needing to support their family (26%), pay debts (24%), put themselves through education (8%) or, worryingly, buy drugs (22%) as motives.
Some women (4%) had been deceived about the kind of work they were supposed to do, particularly if they had moved to Switzerland from abroad.
Just 5% said they did it to help a partner and 1% revealed they were forced into it – which may be a small percentage but it’s still concerning.
So that’s how they got into it, but would they quit if they had the chance?
More than half of the women (55%) admitted they’d like to stop selling sex.
Reasons for becoming sex workers:
1. Like the job (37.3%)
2. Can’t find another job (28.5%)
3. To support family (26.4%)

4. To pay debts (24.4%)

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