Thursday, 8 June 2017

Kenyan ‘lesbian’ to be deported from Sweden for failing ‘gay test’

A Kenyan woman is set to be deported from Sweden after she failed a lesbian test.
The woman identified as Lucy Murugi claims that she has left Kenya to flee from harassment from family and friends after she declared that she was a lesbian.

However, she is set to deported after the Swedish immigration board concluded that she had lied about her status.
Apparently, the board found out that Ms. Murugi had failed in a credibility set that had been set up by the board.
The 28-year-old underwent an in-depth interview with the board, during which she was expected to convince them that she needed to be granted asylum. Her reasons were found not to be compelling enough.
She nonetheless told a Swedish newspaper that she has nowhere to run since homosexuality is punishable by law in Kenya.
In Sweden, persons who have been subjected to persecution over their sexual orientation are eligible to apply for asylum.

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