Thursday, 5 October 2017

Eritrean migrant in Germany jailed for three years for killing her baby

In court the Eritrean woman, only identified as Rozina G, was repeatedly comforted by her lawyer

A migrant who killed her own baby, which the prosecutor says was conceived when she was raped on her way to Germany, has been sentenced to three years in prison.

The newborn baby was found dead in a rubbish bin by two municipality workers in October 2015 at a bus stop in the town of Suelfeld in the Northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein.

The 23-year-old Eritrean mother only identified as Rozina G was found guilty yesterday by a court in the city of Kiel on charges of manslaughter by omission.

State prosecutor Bernd Winterfeldt said on Monday in court that the 23-year-old did not help her child immediately after birth 'in a phase where a life cannot be more vulnerable'.

According to the indictment, the baby died between 10th and 13th October 2015.
A medical expert stated in court that the infant was born in a healthy condition.

After giving birth Rozina G put the baby in a shopping bag and left it by the side of the road.
The baby died 30 minutes after birth due to hypothermia and respiratory arrest.
Bizarrely, another woman who did not notice what the bag contained took it up and threw it away in the rubbish bin of a nearby bus stop, only for it to be found on 15th October.

Rozina G travelled from her home country in the Horn of Africa to Libya from where she hoped to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean.
According to Winterfeldt, she was however abducted and raped by multiple men in a refugee camp, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy.
Winterfeldt said that it still does not explain why the woman chose for her baby to die and did not give it up for adoption.

In court, the Eritrean woman was seen repeatedly being comforted by her lawyer.
The death of the baby caused a huge shock in the small Northern German town.
The little girl was posthumously baptised by the church and given the name of Teresa, with dozens of shocked local citizens attending the funeral.

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