Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Usher accuser recorded saying he 'always wore a condom' (Audio)

Laura Helm, the jazz singer accusing Usher of giving her Herpes, reportedly told her publicist, Dennis Byron, that she had always used a condom during sex with the singer, just days before filing her lawsuit stating otherwise.

Her attorney Lisa West says Helm only changed her story because she thought Byron was trying to sell the story to the media. West added that Helm: “didn’t want to be exploited and, in her attempt to deter Byron from doing so, she told him (inaccurately) that she never had protected sex with Usher and that she did not have herpes.”

According to TMZ, the conversation occurred July 19, just 2 days before Helm filed the lawsuit and changed her story. Helm also accused Byron of stalking her, but on Friday a judge dismissed the matter for lack of evidence.

However, last month Helm shot down suggestions that she should have assumed there was a risk of catching an STD from Usher. Documents obtained by TMZ suggest that she’s blasting claims from the Burn singer that she should have assumed there was a possibility of her contracting an STD when they first slept together.

But Laura claimed she would have to have known about the risk of catching an STD from him, to begin with, and that she had no knowledge of this because he did not tell her.

The New York Daily News reported that court documents it obtained, stated Usher plans to deny "each and every allegation" and insist it was not his intent to harm through sexual contact. "Any alleged conduct by the defendant, which is expressly denied, was unintentional," said Usher's court filings.

"Any harm that any plaintiff alleges to have suffered was caused in whole or in part by the plaintiff's own negligence."

Source: tmz.com

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