Saturday, 4 November 2017

From Portugal to Saudi Arabia, there are 14 names you can’t give your baby

The popular British names: Emily, George, Charlotte, Catherine, William and Thomas are all banned in Portugal, while Sarah isn’t allowed in Iceland.

Denmark, Iceland, Portugal and Iceland all enforce specific naming conventions in Europe, while Saudi Arabia also has a list of monikers that don’t make the cut.

These are some of the most surprising offenders….

Portugal has a strict 83-page list of approved and unapproved names. Here are some that didn’t make the cut for the approved list…
William, Catherine (but Caterina is allowed), George, Charlotte, Thomas or Tom, Emily, Michael.

Denmark also has a specific register. Like Portugal, the country prefers names from its native language and culture; so, there’s a few more British and American favourites on the no-go list.

They include Peter and John.

Iceland has a specific naming committee who oversees the “introduction of new given names into the culture of Iceland.”

These names aren’t on the official list, but parents can put in a request to get them added to the register. They include Sarah and Harriet.

Hungary also insists on native spellings for certain names. So, while Stefán is approved, one of Britain’s favourites names wouldn’t be allowed — Stephen.

Saudi Arabia
In 2014, Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry introduced a list of 51 banned names which aren’t in line with the country’s social traditions.

Most of the names on the banned list had religious connotations, but foreign-sounding options were also prohibited.

The names Linda and Maya are two of such banned names.


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