Saturday, 4 November 2017

‘Don’t let a Godhater, churchhater and pastor-hater deceive you’ Lagos pastor who Freeze called out tells Christians in new IG post

On October 28th, Freeze took his campaign against paying of tithe to another level when he shared photo of the luxury car of the Senior Pastor of David’s Christian Center in Lagos, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo. Freeze shared the photo with the caption ‘I hear this is a pastors car’. The car had a customized plate Number ”I Tithe’.

Pastor Kingsley has now replied Freeze. In his posted shared on his IG page, Pastor Kingsley said Christians who pay Tithe should not be deceived by someone who is a ‘Godhater, church hater and Pastor hater’ He shared the photo below and wrote

‘I TITHE, I have done so consistently and faithfully for 22yrs without any regrets and I have been mightly blessed by it, friends tithing works don’t let no #Godhater #churchhater and #pastorhater decieve you, a clown asked “who does a pastor tithe to ?” …….same person everyone tithes to -GOD, we give it in church where it is used for the work of the kingdom, and it’s not by force , if you don’t want to pay it’s your business, be ready to bear the consequences but don’t come and tell me what to do with MY money because I don’t tell you what to do with yours, everyone pays tithe in a way or form some to night clubs ,brothels and co, we give our own to the Lord happily , and by the way we are not ashamed to be called the sheep of his pasture as he is our shepherd, the only other option is to be goat which obviously you are enjoying. ( If you tithe let the devil know)’.

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