Sunday, 9 March 2014

Woman dead for 6 years, Found in garage Mummified

                         detroit woman mummy
According to Reuters, police in Pontiac, Michigan have discovered the body of a woman in the garage of her home where experts say she's been lying dead for at least six years. All of her organs have decomposed, but her skin remains intact, leaving her mummified. No one noticed the woman died because she had very little family and all of her bills were set to Auto Pay.

From The Chicago Tribune:
"Her bills were automatically deducted from her bank account, and residents of the quiet middle-class Pontiac, Mich. neighborhood said they noticed nothing amiss.
Nobody saw her, but the grass was cut and the mail didn't pile up. Some neighbors said they thought she had moved out of the country after the recession hit several years ago.
Eventually, the money in her bank account ran out and the house went into foreclosure, leading to the gruesome discovery this week."
Reuter's reports that a nighbor cut her grass and her mail was sent to the post office. The woman was reportedly from Germany and in her 40s.

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