Thursday, 16 March 2017

64-year-old Woman Who Gave Birth to Twin Babies Breaks Silence

A 64-year-old woman who gave birth to twins after undergoing fertility treatment in the US has defended her decision following criticism from people. People say her age is something that is disturbing as they worry what would happen to the kids if something 'bad' happens to her.

The woman identified as Mauricia Ibanez gave birth to twins -Gabriel and Maria de la Cruz- at a hospital in the northern city of Burgos last month spoke out saying her age doesn't bother her at all.
She is yet to return home since the delivery in February 14 after becoming the oldest woman in Spain to give birth. She is yet to go home following the Caesarian section birth on February 14 - and has faced criticism after it emerged her eldest daughter Blanca, born in 2011, was taken away from her following a social services investigation.

Speaking of her controversial decision to give birth to the twins, she told Spanish newspaper El Pais: “I decided to become a mum again because the experience with my first daughter Blanca was so wonderful that I thought, ‘And if I could have more!’

“My age doesn’t worry me at all. It’s true I’m old but it’s been possible to fall pregnant. Science and medicine are the last opportunity we have as older people.

“A man aged 65 can have children without any problem so why do we question things when a woman does it?”

Admitting she was worried her two twins would also end up being taken away from her, she added: “I do fret Gabriel and Maria de la Cruz may suffer the same fate.

“They’re so defenceless, so delicate. I’m a bit afraid for them. I just ask God that they don’t fall into the hands of social services.”

In a statement after Mauricia gave birth to twins last month, identifying her only by her initials, Recoletas Hospital in Burgos confirmed: ““M.I.A, 64 and from the province of Burgos, has just become a mother for the second time after giving birth to twins.

“The children were born via a pre-programmed Caesarian. The patient and the babies, a boy and a girl, are in a perfect state of health.

“This is an exceptional case not only for the region, but also for Spain, given the fact that she’s one of the few women aged more than 58 who has managed to successfully complete her pregnancy with twins.

“The C-section has been a success thanks to the coordinated work of a multidisciplinary team from the hospital formed by two gynaecologists, two paediatricians, two matrons and the team of nurses and nursing assistants necessary for an operation of this magnitude.

“The patient underwent IVF treatment in the United Sates and after falling pregnant, returned to Spain.

“She picked the Recoletas Hospital in Burgos, a leading private clinic, which she confided in six years ago for the birth of her first daughter.

“Specialists opted for a pre-programmed Caesarian which is generally favoured in cases like these.”

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