Thursday, 16 March 2017

Pregnant Model Killed by Train While Posing For This Picture

Pregnant model died taking this picture to try and launch her career

An aspiring model died after she was struck on a railway line while posing for pictures.
Fredzania Thompson was struck by the train in Texas during a shoot to try and get her career off the ground.

Her mother, Hakamie Stevenson, said her daughter, a student at Blinn College, put her education on hold to focus on modelling.

Authorities say Thompson was standing between two sets of tracks on Friday in Navasota when a BNSF Railway train approached.
She moved out of the way of the train but was apparently unaware that a Union Pacific train was coming in the opposite direction on the other tracks and was struck.

Union Pacific spokesman Jeff De Graff, told the Navasota Examiner said the horn was sounded and they had applied the emergency brakes.
Navasota Assistant City Manager Shawn Myatt said: ‘Basically, you have two railroad tracks there, one is Burlington Northern to the west and one is Union Pacific to the east, and she was in between the two tracks.

Pregnant model died taking this picture to try and launch her career

‘Burlington Northern had a train on their track coming and she turned back to the east to walk across the Union Pacific track and walked right in front of the Union Pacific train that was heading south.’
The person who was taking photos of Thompson was not hurt. Navasota is about 60 miles northwest of Houston.
gofundme page has been set up to help pay for her funeral.

It says: ‘We are asking for support from our local community and surrounding areas to help raise money for the funeral of Fredzania Thompson anyone that knows her she always had that beautiful smile at every sight of her.

‘She was one of the most beautiful caring person you could ever meet. If you ever needed someone to talk to she was always there she was a truly good person.
‘Fredzania attended Navasota high school. She was in love with every aspect of the sport of Volleyball and Make-Up. She was engaged to Earl Chatman and had just found out weeks before her tragic death that they were expecting a child to be born.
‘Words can not explain how the city of navasota is feeling at this very moment or her fiancĂ© and family but we are asking for support and your generosity to help put this Beautiful young lady to rest.
‘R. I. P. Fredzania “Zanie” Thompson You Will Forever Be Missed!!!’

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